My name is Bram

Nice that you found my website








Are you starting a new company or does your old logo need to be replaced?

The steps we take to create your perfect logo.

Step One

Our first introduction. Are we a match?

Step Two

Just shower me with input like colors and objects you like.

Step Three

With all your input I will make the first sketches.

Step Four

I will share my sketches with you and would love to hear your feedback. After the feedback (can be several times) I start working with Illustrator

Step Five

Here you will be confronted with the logo I made for you. Is this what makes you happy? Yes then we go to the next step. No, then we just go back to step 4

Step Six

I will process your last wishes in the logo and will share the final logo with you. Is this the logo that makes you happy? If so then I will deliver the logo to you in different formats. .AI .EPS .PDF .PNG .JPG. ​