Below in my illustration and clipart gallery you can see a selection of my work. It’s a mix of different styles that I practice. As a customer you can choose from the different styles. What suits you or your company best?

As you can see, I use a sketch style that I may or may not colorize. In addition, I create illustrations, logos and clip art images in Illustrator. I often use Adobe Illustrator because I can create nice clean lines and images in it. Everything made in Illustrator can also be made as large as desired. Consider, for example, posters or advertisements on trucks.

I regularly receive assignments to make an illustration or a logo. In addition, I am also inspired by what is happening in the media. Examples in this illustration and clipart gallery include the illustration of Ernst Kuipers and Novac Djokovic.

Some drawings or clipart images are for sale on Etsy. The first two are already up and more will follow soon.

If you want to give a more personal drawing to someone as a gift, that is of course also possible because a photo is nice to give, but much more is possible in a drawing, such as a hug with a crocodile or a friend with all his hobbies around him.

Feel free to look around and if you want to know more after seeing my illustration and clipart gallery, feel free to contact me.