Need a logo?


The identity of your company consists of three parts namely behavior, communication and design. A logo is the first thing a potential customer sees of your company. It is therefore important to think carefully about the design of your logo. What are the options and how can I help you achieve that unique image of your company.

Illustrator en logo ontwerper Bram Donker

What should I pay attention to with a new logo design?

  • Structure

    A logo often consists of a logo and a company name. These can also be used individually. You can also choose to include the name in the logo. A typographic logo is also possible. The name of the company is then the logo itself. Consider, for example, the Google logo.

  • Color

    Is the color of the logo important? Red screams for attention and is often used in the food industry. Think of McDonald's and Coca Cola. Green gives a calm appearance and will be used more by companies dealing with health and nature. In this way, every color has a meaning and an effect on the viewer.

  • Uniqueness

    Many logo designers can be found on the internet. Designing a unique logo requires a lot of thinking and, what I like best, a number of sketches will have to be made. I use these sketches for the development of the logo in illustrator. Make sure you don't go for the fast cheap logo makers. It is possible that the logo you bought there is also used by other companies.

Which file types will I receive?

To apply a logo on web and print, different file types are required. I supply the following files. Check below for which applications the files are used.

PNG files have a transparent background and can therefore be placed over backgrounds. Ideal for use on social media and websites

● Transparent background

● Social media and website

EPS files are vector files and are therefore scalable. The quality is guaranteed if the logo is enlarged, for example on printed matter such as a poster or as advertising on a truck. EPS files can only be edited with graphic design software

● Printed matter

AI is the Adobe Illustrator file and this is the program I work in. It is a so-called vector program. A logo or illustration created in Illustrator is made up of vectors. This means that it can be enlarged or reduced indefinitely without loss of quality.

● Logos

● Printed matter

PDF files can be used universally on all kinds of platforms and are mainly used for printing.

● Mailing
● Printed matter

SVG files are vector files that can be enlarged or reduced indefinitely. Good to use on websites.

● Logos


What steps are we going to take?

  • Are we a match?

    It is important that we get to know each other well. We are going to work together to make that perfect logo for you.

  • What do you like?

    I am very curious if you already have ideas or examples. In this phase you can shower me with whatsapp messages. Colors, objects and everything you like.

  • What do you think of this sketch?

    When I have a good idea of what you expect from a logo, I will sketch it. I will share these sketches with you and ask you to give me feedback.

  • What do you think of the first versions elaborated in Illustrator?

    If you like one of the sketches, I will start working for you in Illustrator.

Hoe ga ik te werk?

  • Are we on the right track yet?

    It is important that you are completely happy with your new logo. If you have this feeling, we go to the next step. If you don't have the feeling yet, we will just go back to the third step.

  • Where are you going to use your logo?

    In this phase I will make multiple versions of your new logo. Think of a version for a dark and a version for a light background, but also, for example, a separate logo image.

  • Have the logo files been delivered correctly?

    You will receive a zip file from me. In addition to the original Illustrator file, this file also contains all the versions that you will need for your company.

  • Are you completely satisfied?

    I will send you the invoice and if you have any questions you can always contact me.

What does it cost to have a logo designed?

When you are looking for a professional and unique logo for your company, the price depends on a number of factors such as the type of logo and the colors. Fill in the contact form without obligation if you want to know more about what I ask for a logo design and how it goes further to make the perfect logo for your company.