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Redbubble is an international marketplace for print on demand-products. If you like my work and the products, click on the product below to go to the Redbubble site to buy it.

Volvo Amazon

My very first car was a 66 Volvo Amazon 122S. I used this classic car daily for 5 years. My second car was a 68 Volvo Amazon 123GT  and I also drove that classic for 5 years. This gave me the inspiration to create these illustrations for printing on demand products for my webshop. Are you still looking for cheerful Christmas postcards with a beautiful Volvo Amazon? You will certainly make people happy with these Christmas greeting cards.

lotus position

Most of the illustrations I have made are for coaches and therapists. The Lotus position or Padmasana is used to learn to relax. More products with this illustration are for sale in my webshop, such as bags, posters and t-shirts.

Born this way

'54 chevy 3100 pickup


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